Seamless Flooring – Why Choose a Resin Floor?

What is a seamless floor? 

Seamless Flooring from RESPOL

Seamless flooring systems are just that – seamless! They are a monolithic surface that is without cracks, seams, or any other areas that might make the surface of the floor uneven. To achieve this finish, the resin is poured in place for a smooth, level, and even finish. Common resins that are used include epoxy, polyurethane, and fast-drying methyl methacrylate (MMA). The resin is applied onto the pre-prepared substrate and allowed to cure, it can take a couple of coats to achieve the desired surface appearance and performance. 

Once the flooring has cured, the surface will be completely ridge and seam-free. This type of system is a very popular choice for many commercial and industrial businesses who enjoy the modern, stylish aesthetic as well as the long-lasting and durable surface that it provides. 

What are the benefits of a seamless floor from RESPOL? 

The most hygienic choice

The main benefit, and the reason why many business owners choose resin flooring, is that it is the most hygienic option available. A host of dangerous bacteria can build up in the cracks and crevices of your flooring, even when it is regularly cleaned. This is because the seams of the floor provide the perfect place for bacteria to breed. By removing the seams, you’re also removing the risk posed by the bacteria they harbour. A resin floor gives you the confidence that your workspace can be 100% clean, sterile, and sanitary. 

Easy to clean and maintain

They are also one of the easiest flooring types to maintain. Some can withstand steam cleaning on a regular basis and the smooth, even surface means that no spots get missed during the cleaning process. 

Reduced trip hazard

By their very nature, people can be clumsy! By removing any dips and crevices in your floor, you can drastically reduce the chances of staff or customers tripping in your building. We can also create a low-slip finish for extra traction underfoot to provide a comfortable surface for foot-traffic. 

Practical and durable 

Resin floors are extremely hardwearing, even in tough on-site conditions, meaning they are more resistant to abrasion, and cracks than other floor types – perfect for busy businesses! 

Decorative design

Flooring doesn’t have to be plain and boring! RESPOL seamless flooring solutions are available in a variety of colours and finishes. You can even incorporate brand colours, logos, and any other bespoke design you wish! 

Where can they be used? 

Seamless flooring is well suited to a wide range of settings and locations, including interior and exterior applications. Because of the modern, stylish appeal, they are suited to both commercial and residential requirements as well as industrial businesses. 

Whilst they are a fantastic choice for public sector buildings such as offices, hospitals, and schools. They are the most popular choice for hygienic applications such as in the food and beverage industry. When sanitation is a major concern, seamless floors provide peace of mind for businesses. This makes them a great choice for clean rooms, pharmaceutical environments, and healthcare facilities and manufacturing. 

For a high quality seamless solution for any application, RESPOL can help. Our team of experts and flooring specialists can handle installation in even the most challenging industries including detailing around drains, plinths, coving, expansion joints, and any other taxing areas. 

Call us today to enquire on +44 (0)1952 740400. 

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