Safety Flooring Markings

Safety Flooring Markings from RESPOL

When people think of safety flooring, they think of low-slip surfaces that are designed for industrial and commercial environments to decrease the chances of accidents. A low-slip flooring increases traction underfoot and adds additional grip for areas where heavy foot traffic is expected. RESPOL are experts at installing epoxy resin flooring systems with low-slip surfaces that are robust and durable.

However, health and safety precautions do not stop there. By using flooring markings, you can further enhance the safety of staff and customers who use your space. If you haven’t considered how flooring markings could make your business safer, then read on! 

Floor markings for safety 

There are many reasons why a business may choose to use line markings. They can be used to relay important safety information to staff which can be vital in protecting your employees, but they can also be beneficial in creating an organised work environment that promotes efficiency. In fact, safety floor markings can increase company productivity and make for a seamless operation in your warehouse or factory. 

Why choose epoxy paint?

The benefit of organisation in the workplace is self-explanatory, but why choose epoxy floor paint for your safety markings? We use epoxy resin paint to create the lines, text, zones, and shapes because it is guaranteed to stand the test of time, even in demanding factory conditions. Compared to vinyl markings or even tape, epoxy is stronger, longer-lasting, and more abrasion resistant, meaning your markings will look good and perform well for longer! Epoxy markings are the best solution for long-term industrial floor results. 

Safety marking options 

Safety markings from RESPOL are extremely flexible allowing you to choose from a variety of designs and colours that will best suit your unique requirements. Different types of lines, colour blocks, and patterns can easily be installed into your flooring by our experienced team of trained staff. 

Common safety markings include: 

  • Walking men
  • Footprints
  • Safety glasses
  • Ear defenders
  • Chevrons
  • Stop signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Fire safety information 
  • Directional arrows 
  • Yellow paths, traffic lines, and forklift aisles
  • Hazard warning zones 
  • Restricted areas

Using different colours and markings to section off areas of your factory floor allows employees to easily identify areas of the workspace, making for a more efficient production process. Additionally, marking different work areas can be very effective in organising stock and reducing product loss. 

Bespoke industrial flooring solutions

We can also install bespoke markings customised to your exact business needs. This includes wording such as “keep clear” or other relevant instructions. We can use a wide variety of coloured aggregates to create a coloured finish from BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems. This means that we can even match colours to incorporate custom brand colours or even corporate logos. 

Floor markings are also extremely important for car parks! We can install generic line marks as well as disabled and family parking. Other options include cross-hatching and full surface covering for pathways or other designated areas.

If you want a low-slip floor that is scratch and abrasion-resistant, strong enough to handle heavy machinery and traffic, and looks modern, colourful and stylish too, then RESPOL has a solution for you. Call us today to enquire about our safety flooring and custom line marking services on +44 (0)1952 740400. 

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