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Floor Sumps & Drainage from RESPOL

In industrial, pharmaceutical, catering and factory environments, a robust and hygienic drainage system is essential for keeping your workers safe and meeting industry standards. Freestanding water can be a health and safety issue for many applications such as commercial kitchens, clean rooms or food processing plants, causing a potential slip hazard as well as not meeting UK regulations. In other industries, chemicals may also be present which will require thoughtful consideration in terms of handling and disposal. 

There are many options when it comes to industrial drainage; RESPOL has experience fitting and installing a variety of bespoke systems that are designed with the exact industry requirement in mind. We have fitted stainless steel drainage, manholes, sumps, floors to falls, envelope falls as well as bund walls, stainless steel wall coving and many other options and combinations designed to best suit your industry, space and need. 

RESPOL can conduct an initial survey of your existing drainage system and design a new, incorporated system that can be installed as part of your epoxy or polyurethane resin flooring. This bespoke design can include removing old systems and installing new, custom-designed drainage systems into the resin to ensure safe, strong and reliable drainage. 

If you do not already have a drainage system in place and are looking to completely design a system from scratch, we are also happy to help. We always work with you to understand how you operate and ensure our design provides a perfect solution to the exact amount of waste your company produces, utilising floor sloping and gradients to ensure surface water or spillages are channelled efficiently into drainage systems.

For applications where harmful chemicals may be present, our floor sumps and bund walls help to control spills and prevent contamination which could be harmful in certain industrial locations. They are robust and can be installed beneath heavy equipment, drums, machinery, pallets, and any other containment vessels where spillages may be likely. You can find out more about our bunded flooring installation services and spill containment in our blog here

All of our drainage systems are designed to be cost-effective, efficient, easy to clean, low maintenance and robust enough to withstand the toughest site conditions. We always use the highest quality materials for our systems, ensuring they are hygienic and corrosion-resistant, designed to deliver long term results for our customers. 

To enquire about our industrial flooring solutions, please contact us. We are an award-winning supplier of flooring systems that are designed to meet the highest standards of performance, functionality and aesthetics. We have over three decades of experience in the industry and we guarantee that our services and systems are accredited to ISO9001:2015, a testament to our knowledge, commitment and professionalism. For further information on our drainage installation services or to enquire about any of our flooring solutions, please call +44 (0)1952 740400 or click here to get a quote. 

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