Floor Expansion Joints in Epoxy Flooring

Floor Expansion Joints from RESPOL

As well as installing brand new epoxy flooring systems, RESPOL are experts at repairing and resurfacing damaged floors as an economic alternative! A new system isn’t always the answer as we have the skills and knowledge to repair a variety of epoxy flooring installations. We even offer colour matching technology from BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems to ensure the repairs fit right in. 

Damaged floors can be dangerous and compromise your company’s health and safety protocols. That’s why it’s important to repair and maintain epoxy resin systems appropriately. Some common issues we come across are uneven surfaces, cracks or holes. If not treated quickly, cracks can spread and holes can deepen, causing further damage to your flooring! Luckily, we are here to help repair your flooring installation. 

Another issue we often come across is damaged floor expansion joints, sometimes called movement joints. These type of joints are a required element of a building’s structure and foundation. They are used so that the building can safely react to temperature-induced expansion or contraction. They are important elements of a building and allow the structure to safely absorb vibrations or any other movement in the ground. 

As with any flooring element, regular traffic can cause wear and damage over time. As expansion joints are often present in warehouses, factories or other industrial/construction buildings, they are also often traversed by heavy machinery as well as vehicles. This can wear them down and sometimes cause cracking which poses additional safety issues to personnel operating equipment as the uneven floor could damage pallet trucks or cause an accident. 

RESPOL are experts in all things flooring and can provide a solution to replace or reform damaged joints. Expansion joints must be flexible and able to adapt to the expansion or contraction of the building. We will remove any damaged expansion joints nosings and replace it with an epoxy or polyurethane screed then a flexible jointing compound. 

We always make sure to choose the best material for the job. A rigid joint that doesn’t offer room for elongation will crack or become de-bonded when pressure is put on it. Using polysulphide material with flexibility and elongation qualities will give amazing results as well as an aesthetically pleasing, smooth, and clean surface finish. 

Another benefit of these types of expansion joints is that they are much more resistant to chemicals than concrete. A resin joint repair system will be the most effective option in an industry where the flooring may be exposed to chemicals such as the automotive and aeronautical industry or the food and beverage industry. 

For further protection against chemical spillage, you may want to consider bund walls which create safe containment spaces and areas for the storage or chemical containers. Read more about our bund wall capabilities in our blog post here.

For all your industrial flooring repair, resurfacing and maintenance needs, trust RESPOL. We offer a single-source solution for all your flooring needs including drainage systems, manholes, sumps, floors to falls, envelope falls as well as expansion joint repair and bund walls as mentioned above! Plus, we never use sub-contractors so that you know everyone who works for us is part of our specially trained team of professional in-house staff. For any queries, please contact us. Call +44 (0) 1952 740400 to get a quote and a free of charge survey and recommendation.  

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