Bund Walls for Industrial Use

Bund Walls from RESPOL

In the manufacturing, automotive and aviation, pharmaceutical and food industry, spillages in the workplace are inevitable. Your flooring system must be designed to be robust, reliable and safe in the event of a leak or spillage. Depending on your industry, chemical resistant epoxy floors, as well as bund systems, are the most effective.

Floor bunding, also called bund walls, is used to create a barrier or containment area on the floor. This may be for the storage or drums, tanks, machinery of other professional equipment. Bunding can also be used across open doorways or entrances and exits. The purpose of the bunding is to create a safe area of containment and control in case of spillages in warehouses, workshops, liquid storage areas, chemical plants or any area where harmful liquids or chemicals may be used.

Bunding can be permanently fitted to the floor and will prevent any internal liquids leaking into other areas or even the outdoors. This helps you to comply with safety protocols and ensures the safe and secure handling of dangerous or corrosive liquids. However, bunding is a great solution to store all types of drums and containers – chemical or other. It can be used to safely store oils, fuels, coolants, paints, solvents or any liquid you want to contain.

Bund walls need not interfere with the running of your warehouse or facility as it is low enough and tough enough to allow vehicles to roll over the top of it, even heavy vehicles. Meaning that forklift trucks or other equipment can still pass through entrances and exits without damaging or compromising the bund system. It will still provide you with protection and stop any leaks from escaping.

Aside from being dangerous to the environment, spillages also pose a slip-risk to employees or visitors of your workspace. Low-slip epoxy flooring combined with floor bunding can provide additional safety measures for your employees. Slip-resistant finishes provide traction underfoot, providing necessary grip and a strong durable surface.

RESPOL are experienced in designing and installing flooring and bunding to protect against spillages in a variety of industries. We provide solutions for a variety of needs including:

  • Bunds around chemical storage tanks or other containers
  • Chemical-resistant flooring resistant to a cocktail of acids, solvents and oxidising agents
  • Systems to resistant to aircraft fluid, including Skydrol
  • Protection against brake fluid in the automotive industry
  • Low-slip surfaces

The right workshop or factory flooring will create an efficient, practical and safe workspace for all that use it. It’s important to get it right to ensure the protection of employees and the smooth running of your entire operation. RESPOL can offer advice and support on the best type of flooring system to suit your exact application requirements. Our specialist team are dedicated to industrial flooring and are trained in the preparation and removal of existing floor coverings as well as the design and installation of professional and durable epoxy flooring. 

For further information about bund walls and other industrial flooring solutions, organise a free-of-charge survey and recommendation of your space. Please give us a call on 01952 740 400 or get in touch with us by filling out our contact form.

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