Floor Preparation Equipment and Techniques

Floor Preparation Equipment

High quality and durable epoxy resin floor starts with expert flooring preparation. It may be something that other contractors overlook, but RESPOL have years of experience in the industry and we know that your resinous flooring can only be as good as the preparation.

Our highly trained team of in-house staff have experience preparing even the most challenging substrates including slopes, curves, removing old floor coatings and repairing any potholes or damage to the floor’s surface. We can also level any uneven ground to reduce the risk of slips or falls in the workplace.

Once the surface is smooth, it is essential to ensure that it is clean. Dust control is important as contaminant-free substrates will allow for maximum adhesion and ensure the ongoing reliability of your floor system. All contamination is removed prior to the flooring being applied to ensure the very best results.

To achieve these results, professional floor preparation equipment must be used. Simply cleaning the floor yourself will not suffice. Mechanical surface prep using mechanical prep equipment such as shot blasting and diamond grinding offers the best results, this is why it is always important to seek the advice of a trained professional.

Shot Blasting

Shot blasters propel steel abrasive at high velocity onto the surface of the floor to prepare it. The surface is profiled, and any contamination is removed. The abrasive and debris are then separated within the machine, the abrasive is recycled within the machine and the debris removed by a connected dust collector. The process is dust-free and environmentally friendly. This is a common method used before the application of epoxy, polyurethane and MMA fast curing resins. It is used to prepare the substrate for a variety of industries including construction and in public and pedestrian areas.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding uses diamond blades to remove all contamination from a substrate prior to applying any finishing systems but it can also be used to improve the surface profile of a slab if there are significant high spots or imperfections by polishing the substrate and making the profile smoother.

If a substrate has been previously shot-blasted then this is an alternative to prevent excessive profiling of the concrete.

Biological Degreasing

Specifically formulated biological degreasing products are used to remove oil and grease from concrete floors. It is safe to use and environmentally friendly, ensuring that your flooring is completely clean before application.

Vacuuming using HEPA filters

Ordinary vacuum machines recirculate air back into the atmosphere during the process of hoovering, this may mean that small particles of dust, dirt and debris are returning to the air and resettling on the substrate. HEPA filters trap a large number of these particles and stop them from returning to the air. It ensures that the substrate is as dust and contaminant-free as it can be.

The type of surface preparation technique and equipment used will always depend on the condition of the substrate as well as the type of resin that is going to be applied. Floor prep is an important service and using the wrong method can be detrimental to the finished result of your resin. For results that are long-lasting and cost-effective, always seek the support and advice of a professional. Furthermore, we always follow the latest guidance in industry technique and ensure that any machine or tools we use are safe and reliable.

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