Safety Flooring from RESPOL

Safety flooring from RESPOL

In the workplace, safety is of paramount importance. Employers have a responsibility to keep staff safe and public-facing businesses will want to make sure their customers are protected. When considering safety in the workplace, flooring may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the floor’s surface can play a huge role in protecting those that traverse the space.

What is safety flooring?

One of the main reasons people choose to install an epoxy resin industrial floor at their workplace is that it helps to reduce the risk of slipping. A slip due to uneven, slippy floors can be a big issue for a business. Customers or employees may even choose to sue if they feel that their workplace accident could have been avoided. This can obviously be extremely costly for a business and damaging to their reputation.

Safety industrial flooring is designed specifically to be low-slip, mitigating the risks of falls due to dangerous flooring. Epoxy flooring can be finished with varying degrees of coarseness depending on the amount of resistance needed by the company. The more coarse the surface, the more traction it will provide, thus providing more grip and less risk of slipping.

Hard-wearing aggregates are mixed into the resin to create the desired finish required. For example, to create a strong, anti-slip surface, RESPOL can include aluminium oxide within the resin to increase surface roughness and improve non-slip qualities.

Safety flooring benefits

Slip resistant epoxy flooring is designed to limit the risk of slipping in many conditions, not just dry. In some industries, fatty acids, liquids, oils or other materials may contaminate the floor, which can cause a slip-hazard. Even in wet conditions, epoxy flooring is designed to limit the risk, providing the necessary grip in the toughest conditions.

An additional benefit is that the flooring is designed to be easily cleaned. Even in the event of a spillage, the floor is quick and easy to clean. As the floor will be finished without seams, spillages can be easily cleaned without having to worry about cleaning in the cracks. Plus, this makes the floor more hygienic, perfect for industries where strict health and safety standards need to be met!

As well as being low-slip, epoxy flooring systems are extremely durable and hardwearing, meaning they can withstand heavy foot traffic without damage. What’s more, it is also sound-absorbing so it can be used in busy corridors or rooms without causing any disruption.

Safety flooring in industry:

Almost all sectors can benefit from slip resistant flooring, but for some industries in particular, anti-slip can be an essential investment:

Public Sector

People from all walks of life use facilities in the public sector. From offices, council buildings and schools to hospitals, operating theatres and prisons, a variety of people will be traversing around these buildings. Some people may be elderly and some may be vulnerable, it is important to protect them as much as possible and safety flooring is one way of reducing risk.

In addition to slip resistance, facilities in this industry are public-facing and so must consider how they look too. The design of the floor will need to be professional and appealing, maybe even with a splash of colour. Luckily, industrial epoxy flooring can be installed with a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes and decorations to ensure it does the job, whilst still looking great!

Industrial & Manufacturing

In the manufacturing business, many people can be working on a production line or in a factory. As well as this, they may be handling heavy equipment or carrying heavy items. The risk of an employee getting injured at work is one that businesses should take seriously. A low-slip flooring system can mitigate slip risk and is a fantastic cost-effective and long-term solution that provides you with additional security and peace of mind.

If you have any questions about slip resistant flooring, contact an expert at RESPOL for advice. We are happy to provide a free-of-charge survey of your space and provide you with expert recommendations to maximise your space. Give us a call on +44 (0)1952 740400 or click here to use our contact form

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