Polyurethane Resin Floors for the Food & Beverage Industry

Polyurethane Resin Floor from RESPOLFood manufacturing and production environments have special requirements that require hygienic and sterile production space. Where food and drink are concerned, cleanliness is always a number one priority. When fitting a space for the production of food and beverage, it is extremely important not to forget about your flooring. Germs and bacteria can live within the small crevices or seams of a floor. E.coli and salmonella are dangerous bacteria that could seriously contaminate a food product. Don’t take the risk. A ‘seamless’ polyurethane resin flooring from RESPOL is hygienic, easy to clean and has many other amazing benefits.


Why choose a polyurethane floor?

Robust & Durable

Polyurethane resin flooring is extremely robust and can handle heavy foot traffic as well as heavy weight from food containers or liquids. It has strong abrasion resistance qualities and is guaranteed to provide durability for years to come, offering long-term performance.

Steam Cleaning Resistant

As previously mentioned, cleanliness is next to godliness in the food and beverage industry. Your flooring will need to withstand frequent cleaning to ensure it passes industry hygiene requirements. Polyurethane flooring is steam resistant and can easily withstand a rigorous cleaning regime.

Chemical Resistant

Although both epoxy and polyurethane resins are chemical resistant, polyurethane flooring is more resistant to natural chemicals than epoxy resin. In the food industry, flooring will be exposed to an array of liquids including fats, hot oils, sugar solutions and food acids. A polyurethane flooring system will not be damaged by these substances.

Anti-slip properties

In the case of wet or dry conditions, a polyurethane flooring will remain slip-resistant. This helps to keep the workplace safe for workers and customers alike. When many people may be traversing the space, a flooring with low-slip qualities can be really beneficial.

Antimicrobial additives

Additives can be incorporated into your polyurethane flooring system to provide an extra layer of security against bacteria. This helps to actively prevent bacteria growth and ensure stringent hygiene regulations are adhered to.

Thermal Shock Resistant

There are going to be spillages in this type of industry, polyurethane coating systems can be temperature resistant so even hot liquids will not negatively damage the system. The hard wearing finish provides adequate protection of the floor’s surface, keeping it safe and looking appealing too.


The monolithic floor structure means that no bacteria, oils, dirt or other substance is trapped within seams. This high quality finished appearance looks professional whilst still being easy to clean.

Furthermore, RESPOL are also experts in the installation of stainless steel drainage systems and sumps into the flooring system. This helps to drain away any freestanding water in a kitchen or other industrial workspace that may pose a health and safety threat if otherwise left. We also offer floors to falls and envelope falls in to new or existing drainage systems.

RESPOL have the experience, skills and expertise to provide effective, long-term results in the food and beverage industry. Whatever the unique needs of your application, we can provide a customised industrial floor that works for you. We take the time to visit your space and provide a full, no-obligation survey and recommendation.

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