Epoxy Flooring – The Ultimate Solution

Choosing a new flooring system can be challenging, what material do you go for? Will it be hard to maintain? What about the appearance? Epoxy is the ultimate flooring solution. It is versatile and has been tried and tested in many industries including automotive, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. We are specialist contractors and have more than 30 years experience with designing and installing epoxy flooring solutions.

Not convinced of the benefits of epoxy? Here’s a handy list of some of the reason’s why you should choose an epoxy flooring system from RESPOL.


Epoxy flooring systems make great safety floors. Safety is especially important in all industrial applications, you want to protect your staff members as well as your customers from the dangers associated with an unsuitable flooring. Highly slip resistant finishes can be installed into epoxy flooring which is perfect for corridors, officers, walkways and factories. Even in the event of a spillage, the floor is designed to remain low-slip. We can even include hard wearing aggregates into the system to improve the anti-slip finish such as aluminium oxide.


Epoxy resin provides a fantastic solution to long term applications as it’s extremely durable and, if installed correctly by professionals, can last for many years. The system is much less prone to cracking, splitting or peeling in comparison with other flooring solutions. The correct application of epoxy can even reduce the chances of osmosis blistering, a phenomenon that sometimes occurs in certain types of flooring.


If you’re looking for a highly durable solution, epoxy is the best answer. Epoxy coatings seal the concrete substrate and, once cured, are incredibly hard-wearing. Able to withstand heavy loads and foot traffic, epoxy is the perfect solution for industries where a durable floor is necessary. Our systems are impact, abrasion and point load resistant, able to withstand the toughest conditions.

Easy to clean

Once your flooring is installed, you’ll need to maintain it. Choosing epoxy means you will have a system that is super easy to clean, saving you precious time and energy. The “seamless” design means dirt and dust can’t settle in the cracks within the floor, allowing you to clean it with ease. This factor is important for industries that require hygienic flooring such as clean room or chemical laboratories.

Fast installation

RESPOL provide a complete service from initial inspection through to professional substrate preparation and installation. We understand that installation can disrupt the business, so we promise to get the job done with as little downtime as possible. Our epoxy systems cure quickly and can handle traffic in as little as 72 hours. We can even work around you, working weekends or bank holidays to ensure the job is completed with minimal disruption.


Epoxy is an affordable flooring solution that will perform highly and last for years to come. As it is highly resistant to cracking and durable against heavy loads, it is the perfect long-term solution for many industries. Other amazing benefits such as being chemical resistant and anti-static mean it is suited to many specialist and demanding applications and will yield amazing results for years.

Aesthetically pleasing

Epoxy floorings can be installed with a range of decorative finishes. Epoxy flooring does not have to look boring, it can perform well whilst still looking aesthetically pleasing and enhancing its environment. We can install decorative flake finishes as well as a variety of bright colours and even health and safety markings.

For an amazing epoxy flooring solution designed bespoke for your application, give RESPOL a call today on +44 (0)1952 740400 or contact us online.

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