Is Epoxy Flooring Expensive?

Epoxy flooring is an attractive option for many businesses. It’s hard wearing, easy to clean and offers a lot of features that alternative options can’t match. Despite this, some companies are reluctant to invest in a resinous poured floor due to cost concerns. They feel it’s too expensive and would rather go with a cheaper option despite the drawbacks.

But is this the right move? Is epoxy flooring actually expensive?

What influences how much epoxy resin flooring costs?

Epoxy resin flooring isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are lots of variables and these can impact the cost of an epoxy floor.

Job Size

It goes without saying that the larger the job, the more materials and more man-hours to install. This will increase costs. Many companies will however, provide a discount per-square-foot as the total area increases.


When it comes to epoxy flooring, there are many different material types, colours, finishes and features to consider. Do you need epoxy resin or polyurethane flooring? Do you need to protect your workers from slips, or sensitive machinery from static build up? Do you work with natural or artificial acids? Is the environment damp? There are a lot of questions to ask.

Your requirements are one of the biggest factors in determining the cost. This is why, at RESPOL, we work closely with our suppliers to provide the highest quality options at the lowest prices, minimising this impact.

Preparation Requirements

The success of an epoxy floor hinges on the condition of the concrete substrate it’s applied to. To create a durable and long-lasting bond, the substrate must be well maintained, clean and dry. Depending on the quality of your existing floor, repairs may need to take place before installation can occur. The area and desired timescale of installation can also affect the complexity of installation, which may also impact the cost.

Now we know the factors that influence the price of an epoxy surface. How do the numbers stack up against alternatives like vinyl, rubber matting or tiles?

Is epoxy flooring more expensive than the alternatives?

When you look at epoxy flooring versus tile cost, or the cost of a roll of vinyl, epoxy flooring is more expensive, at least initially. Unlike cheaper alternatives epoxy flooring is a long term solution that offers benefits which offset the cost.


Epoxy flooring is far harder wearing than any alternatives. A heavy duty epoxy floor is impact and scratch resistant as well as waterproof. It can also provide antistatic protection and chemical resistance if you need it to. Epoxy flooring won’t succumb to impact, tearing or water damage so you won’t need to spend as much on repairs.


This improved durability isn’t limited to protection from damage. It extends to how long it withstands normal daily use. With regular basic maintenance, a well-installed epoxy floor can last decades. You won’t have to worry about paying to replace it after a few years, unlike some alternatives.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy and polyurethane surfaces are seamless and heat resistant. This makes them easy to clean with just a steam mop. The result is that you’ll be spending less time worrying about stains and money cleaning your floors. Instead, you’ll be spending more time doing the important things.

While the initial investment might be higher, there are huge savings to be made thanks to the materials durability and ease of maintenance.


When considering whether epoxy flooring is expensive or not, it’s important to think beyond the initial costs. While it’s comparatively more expensive to install, an epoxy floor will save you and your business money in the long term. Considering the quality, performance and protection epoxy offers, it’s hard to consider it expensive at all.

If you’re interested in an epoxy floor and want to discuss costs further, contact Respol today. Our friendly team of experts are available by phone on 01952 740400 and online by using our contact form.

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