Workshop Flooring – Why Epoxy is the Perfect Choice

The right workshop flooring is vital in creating an efficient and practical workspace. No matter what your business creates or provides, you want your environment to support you rather than getting in your way. That’s why we believe that, when it comes to creating the best possible work environment, epoxy resin is the perfect choice. Combining efficiency, reliability and unmatchable aesthetics, epoxy flooring is simply hard to beat.

Epoxy Workshop Flooring is Tough

Epoxy flooring is incredibly hard wearing. Thanks to its chemical makeup it’s able to resist even the heaviest impacts and is also perfectly happy with sudden temperature changes, frequent cleaning and scrubbing and being driven over by cars and vehicles weighing tens of tonnes. Beyond mere physical strength, epoxy and polyurethane resin flooring can provide a variety of resistances including dust, static electricity and chemicals, in addition to having the option of being slip resistant. It is this multi-faceted durability that is one of the key reasons why epoxy flooring is so popular in both industrial and commercials sectors.

Epoxy Workshop Flooring is Liquid Resistant

Unlike vinyl flooring or interlocking rubber matting, epoxy workshop flooring is completely seamless. This means that there are no gaps for liquid spills to leak through and cause potentially costly damage to the substrate. By creating a waterproof seal, epoxy flooring can greatly extend the life span of your floor, meaning you can spend more time doing the things that matter and less time replacing damaged or worn flooring surfaces.

Epoxy Workshop Flooring Looks Great

Workshops floors by their very nature tend to be quite industrial and uninspiring. An epoxy workshop flooring solution on the other hand, can add some much-needed colour and aesthetics to your work environment. Coming in a range of colours and finishes as it does, epoxy is the most attractive industrial flooring option available. If that wasn’t enough, we can reproduce your logo or branding directly into your surface for a unique finish. Using the same technique we can also install your flooring with important safety features, including crossings, stop signs and pedestrian walkways.

Epoxy Workshop Flooring is Easy to Clean

Of all the industrial flooring options available, epoxy requires the least maintenance and cleaning. Thanks to its seamless and non-porous construction as well as resistance to liquids, dust and dirt, a simple mop and suitable cleaning solution will do wonders – with more intense cleaning required only a handful of times a year. Even then, due to its thermal resistant properties, deep cleaning epoxy using a steam mop is a quick and easy process.

Epoxy Workshop Flooring is Cost Effective

While the initial financial investment may be a little higher than tile, vinyl or other alternatives, the long term costs of epoxy workshop flooring are far lower. Since epoxy flooring offers better protection for your concrete substrate, is generally harder wearing and longer lasting, you’ll be spending less time making repairs and less money replacing flooring surfaces. You’ll also be spending fewer man-hours maintaining and cleaning, lowering daily costs. 

If you’re interested in revitalising your workshop through the installation of a high-quality epoxy solution, then contact Respol today. As two time winners of the FeRFA Contractor of the Year Award with 30 years experience in the industry, we’re experts in our field. Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation site survey service to help you choose the right flooring product for your business. Whether you’re looking for workshop flooring, industrial flooring or even professional garage flooring, we have an option for you.

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