Why Epoxy is the Easiest Industrial Flooring to Clean

Epoxy resin flooring has proven time and time again to be the best material for industrial flooring currently available. One of the reasons for this accolade is how easy it is to clean. Indeed, epoxy is the easiest kind of surface to clean and for quite a few reasons.

So if you’re thinking about refitting your working environment – especially if you work in a hygiene sensitive industry such as food processing or pharmaceuticals – make sure you consider the following epoxy floor coating facts.

Epoxy Resin is Seamless

Once fully dry, epoxy resin floors offer a hard wearing and seamless surface. This is important for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, a seamless surface makes sweeping and mopping a breeze. For anything but the most major spills, an epoxy coated substrate can simply be wiped clean.

More importantly though, whether it’s a joint in vinyl or grout lines in floor tiles, awkward seams are hard to reach and clean. Without regular cleaning, seams harbour bacteria and other grime which can be disastrous for certain industries – especially food production and pharmaceuticals. Even if extra effort is put in to clean these gaps, doing so can damage the adhesion and make the problem even worse!

Epoxy Resin is Chemical & Water Resistant

Both epoxy and polyurethane coatings are completely non-porous and, thanks to their makeup, are resistant to most chemicals used in manufacturing. This means your substrate is completely sealed off from any harmful liquids. With epoxy flooring, you’re unlikely to suffer any staining or damage from chemicals or water – especially if your clean up any spills quickly.

Quite the opposite is true if you’re currently using a vinyl or laminate industrial surface. Even a small amount of liquid can get in through the seams in the surface of these materials. In the case of vinyl, water can loosen the adhesive and cause peeling. Wood and laminate floors, on the other hand, may expand and warp if they absorb too much water.

This is not to mention the amount of damage such floors would receive if they came into contact with certain industrial chemicals. Needless to say, it may be easier to replace the surface coating than attempt to clean it!

Epoxy Resin is Heat Resistant

You may ask why this is important for cleaning, but the answer is simple. The most effective way to fully clean an industrial floor is using a steam cleaner.

These useful tools use temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius to create steam that penetrates and lifts any stain or mark from an epoxy surface. Using a steam mop, epoxy floors can be deep cleaned quickly and easily whereas other materials would struggle to deal with the heat and water vapour.

Not all types of flooring are made equal. If you find that you’re spending more time mopping or worrying about your work environment than the task at hand, then you might want to consider a hardier epoxy or polyurethane based solution.

Contact the flooring specialists at RESPOL and let us help refresh your flooring systems today. Our team are on hand to tell you more about our products, organise a free, no-obligation site survey or provide a quote. No matter what your industry or what you manufacture, there’s something in our range that’s perfect for you.

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