Resin Flooring for the Pharmaceutical Industry

During Respol’s 3 decades of operation, we’ve installed resin flooring for the pharmaceutical industry for many different clients. Due to resin flooring’s special resistive features, the material is perfect for use in environments where both natural and artificial corrosive materials are used in the manufacturing process and where a hygienic and sterile work environment is essential.

We’ve worked with clients including GlaxoSmithKline, Salts Healthcare and Unilever to provide hard wearing and hygienic flooring solution that are the ideal fit for their work. But what makes epoxy resin flooring such a good fit for the pharmaceutical industry?

As a non-porous and seamless flooring surface, a high-performance epoxy surface offers no cracks or crevices where mould, dirt or bacteria may take hold. Any spills, dirt or dust can be easily cleaned up with no residual elements remaining on the surface. Our resin and polyurethane products are also chemical resistant, meaning that any such spills – especially in manufacturing areas – will have no negative impact on the flooring surface. Our pharmaceutical industry epoxy flooring also benefits from thermal resistance, meaning that floors can be steam cleaned for high standards of hygiene.

Our resin coating systems are also available in durable non or anti-slip configurations. This is especially useful for production facilities where spills may create a dangerous surface or where any kind of trip or fall may be extremely dangerous. The installation of this kind of surface is essential to ensure a safety conscious environment.

Effective pharmaceutical and industrial flooring is about more than just what it resists, however – it’s also about how it interacts with your workforce. Epoxy resin surfaces are available in a wide range of decorative options, including the painting of safety signage directly into the coating. For example, the inclusion of stop signs and pedestrian crossings in storage areas where forklifts and workers may interact or marking out sterile areas and other working environments.

Epoxy resin surfaces are seamless, easy to clean and chemical resistant. When you compare this performance to concrete – which has seams, cracks, is easily damaged and hard to clean – the benefits of a quality resin floor coating system is obvious. Especially when you consider its durability and variety of resistances, including anti-static properties.

If an epoxy or polyurethane surface sounds like the sort of thing you need for your pharmaceutical business, then contact the Respol contractor team today. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and will complete an onsite survey so we can make the best possible product recommendations for your space. We only work with a carefully curated list of resin product suppliers to make sure we can provide our clients with the best possible service and product.

You can reach our team today by calling us on 01952 740400 or by filling out our online contact form. No matter what your needs, business or industry sector, we have a flooring solution that fits.

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