Hard Wearing Flooring

Are you looking for a new hard wearing flooring system? Are your current floors letting you down? Would your company benefit from a surface that can withstand the everyday wear, abrasion and spills that are common in modern industry?

If so, then an epoxy or polyurethane floor fitted by the flooring professionals at Respol could be exactly what you’re looking for. Our hard-wearing flooring solutions have transformed spaces for a variety of clients – including Aston Martin, British Aerospace, Dunlop and more – and have provided environments they can really trust to handle all they throw at them.

So what makes epoxy and polyurethane material finishes more suitable for industrial environments than simple concrete or vinyl flooring? When it comes to being durable, no other types of flooring can offer the same protection, simple maintenance and easy to clean characteristics that a resinous flooring system can provide – tiles, wood flooring and laminate flooring just can’t compete!

Epoxy flooring benefits from its ability to resist a wide range of potentially damaging factors. This includes physical impact, damp, water, artificial and natural acids, static electricity and much more – with other variants offering quick drying and anti-slip characteristics. This makes the material ideal for the modern industrial workplace. Thanks to the carefully engineered, high-quality products made available to us by our approved suppliers, we can tailor your next floor to the needs of your business and offer a bespoke surface solution.

Our resinous flooring solutions also come in a wide range of decorative options and colours, with aesthetic finishes to suit any space or style requirement. We can even, if required, design safety signage directly into the epoxy surface. This means you can mark crossing points and stop signs to help improve safety in high traffic areas where forklifts and pedestrians may come into contact. The same process can also be used to add company branding or other designs into the flooring surface to create a visually striking, great looking and most importantly, durable floor.

With all these visual and resistance options available, it can be difficult to know which flooring product to choose. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation site survey to help you make that choice. We’ll meet with you and undertake a survey of your workspace, including the existing substrate and surrounding area, so we can best understand your requirements and how best we can meet them. We do this because no two businesses are the same and so no two sets of surface requirements are the same.

So if you want a hard wearing and long lasting surface that performs as good as it looks, then we think you’ll find an epoxy flooring solution to be the perfect fit for you and your business. If you want to learn more, ask any questions regarding our services or would like to talk to us about your flooring needs then please get in touch with the United Kingdom’s top flooring experts today! You can reach us by phone on 01952 740400 or by clicking here to use our online contact form. 

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