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Transform your workspace with an epoxy floor paint flooring system from Respol. We’ve helped a variety of clients transform their workspaces thanks to the installation of heavy duty epoxy resin flooring solutions, with clients including Rolls Royce, Butlins, GlaxoSmithKline and more. As epoxy flooring experts, your next commercial or industrial flooring project is in good hands with Respol.

So why choose an epoxy floor paint based surface coating over other alternatives? The simple answer is that epoxy based floor coatings simply give you more; more grip, more resistances, more decorative options and more substrate protection.

An anti-slip rated resin floor coating provides far better grip than an untreated concrete floor, preventing potentially disastrous workplace accidents. While improved grip can be obtained with rubber floor mats or vinyl sheets, neither of these options provide the durability to withstand the heavy traffic found in workspaces such as warehouses or manufacturing plants while also staying resistant to damp. Epoxy floor paints excel in these situations, providing safety flooring and waterproofing characteristics even under the duress of busy industrial or commercial areas. 

So what is the application process? Once the basics of the project are understood, we’ll undertake a site visit. This is so we can understand the working area and ascertain as to whether any elements of the environment will impact which epoxy floor products are most suitable for your project. Working closely with our specialist product suppliers, you can be sure that, no matter what you need or the area of installation, we can provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs thanks to our wide range of available products. 

Epoxy flooring solutions are also available in a wide range of colours and decorative options – including gloss and clear finishes. There is even potential for health and safety signage – such as zebra crossings and stop signs – and company branding to be designed directly into the epoxy surface. Not something that is easily done with a rubber mat! 

Once we know what kind of epoxy paint floor sealer best suits your needs, we’ll prepare the existing substrate accordingly. This involves giving it a thorough clean to ensure there are no contaminants that could impact the adhesion of your new water-based epoxy floor paint surface. It is this adhesion that keeps the concrete substrate dry, making the floor, chemical and damp proof, and so it is vital that proper preparation is completed. Once complete the primer can be installed, a high-quality primer is one of the key elements to ensuring a smooth, hard finish at the end of the project.  We can then continue on to installing the final layers, providing you with a high quality, hard wearing floor in a matter of hours or days, depending on the size of the installation.

If this performance and service sounds like something you need for your company’s floors, why not contact Respol today to discuss your project needs? Our professional team will be happy to offer advice and discuss the delivery of your project. We can be reached by phone on 01952 740400 or online by completing our online contact form.

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