Warehouse Floor Paint

Rather than dealing with concrete flooring that will wear away, can be hard to clean and just isn’t up to the task of dealing with the daily wear and tear of industrial environments, why not consider an epoxy warehouse floor paint?

An epoxy resin or polyurethane floor surface can provide a wide range of specialist features and resistances that will protect the underlying concrete floor. The high-quality warehouse flooring services provided by our professional team has made them an essential part of business activities for a variety of clients including Dunlop, Heinz, Tyco Electronics and Sun Valley Foods.

Epoxy floor paints come in a variety of types, all of which offer different benefits and characteristics. Some things remain true no matter what the nature of the industrial flooring products. They all provide a seamless protective barrier for your concrete substrate. This makes for a surface that not only keeps your floor in good condition and helps minimise wear and tear but is also easy to clean.

More specifically, our floor finishes can be configured to deliver any number of special resistances, including water and damp proofing, anti-static, anti-slip, chemical resistance and more. The flexibility of the material makes it an ideal flooring surface for a variety of sectors – including the heavy duty use required by warehouse and storage spaces.

Epoxy coatings are available in both solvent and water-based varieties, both providing slightly different protections. Solvent-based epoxy, for example, needs to be fitted in a well-ventilated area away from open flames due to the organic compounds used in their mixture. Water-based mixtures, on the other hand, can be installed anywhere, but lack certain special characteristics such as humidity resistance and defence against petroleum contaminants.

A common health and safety problem in warehouses are the spaces where people and forklifts intersect. Thanks to the design flexibility of epoxy flooring, we can paint signage directly into your new surface – including pedestrian crossings, stop signs and other safety features. If you’d rather, company logos and branding can also be designed directly into your epoxy resin floor.

We understand that committing to a new floor can be daunting. Any kind of renovation work often leads to thoughts of delays, inconvenience and loss of profits. That isn’t the case with Respol, however. We tailor the delivery of our projects, not only on the requirements of the flooring and the workspace, but also to your business. Before installing one of our hard wearing floor coatings, we’ll visit with you and talk about your requirements and create an installation plan that minimises disruption to your business.

If you’re looking for heavy duty, damage resistant and high-quality flooring then Epoxy or Polyurethane resin flooring may be exactly what you need. If you want more information then Respol are here to help. You can contact our professional flooring team for advice and to ask any questions you may have by calling us on 01952 740400 or by filling out our online contact form. Organise your no obligation site survey today.

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