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If you’re looking for resin flooring in the UK then there’s nowhere better to turn than the epoxy and polyurethane experts at Respol. We’ve had almost three decades of specialist epoxy flooring installation experience and have provided flooring solutions to a wide range of clients; from commercial showrooms to industrial spaces and more.

If you’re not quite sure if an epoxy floor covering is right for your company or construction project, let us explain why you can’t do better than a high-quality seamless resin surface.

Unlike alternative products, such as tiles, plain concrete or rubber matting, an epoxy resin finish is highly durable and resistant to a wide range of potentially damaging factors, including impact for high levels of foot or vehicle traffic. Thanks to the material’s strong chemical bonds and seamless nature, neither water nor chemicals are able to reach your concrete substrate through cracks in the surface or by degrading the surface itself.

Epoxy flooring can also be used to prevent accident and injury. When mixed with quartz aggregate, epoxy flooring offers high levels of slip resistance and minimises potential trips. Epoxy flooring can protect more than just your concrete substrate!

If damage does somehow occur to epoxy resin flooring, maintaining the surface is quick and simple. Any cracks or similar can be easily repaired using bespoke epoxy maintenance tools. Unlike vinyl flooring, there’s no danger of epoxy flooring becoming unstuck or torn and repairing any damage will never involve removing whole sections of floor. Epoxy flooring is also dust resistant and has no awkward joints or textured areas, making it easy to keep spotlessly clean.

We have provided our services to projects that requiring anti-static flooring to protect sensitive electronic equipment, anti-slip safety solutions and easy clean surfaces for workshop environments. 

Flooring and screeds made from epoxy resins are not only hard-wearing, however. The material is also perfect for creating contemporary decorative interior flooring. Available in a wide range of BS4800, RAL and Pantone colours, decorative epoxy flooring is an ideal solution for public and retail environments and can create a modern, clean atmosphere. We also offer bespoke flooring designs, including unique branding and logos for lobbies and public spaces as well as more utilitarian markings, such as safety notices and pedestrian crossing for high traffic industrial areas.

With years of experience working closely with our leading suppliers, at Respol, we’re able to provide professional solutions that can meet any requirement. Whether you need a solvent-free, food safe and sterile floor for a food manufacturing environment or a modern, highly polished comfort surface for a stylish commercial showroom (or nearly anything else!) the Respol team will be able to provide a high-quality flooring solution that achieves your exact requirements cost-effectively. To learn more about the range of products and options available and to discuss your needs, get in touch with the flooring specialists at Respol today by calling 01952 740400 or by clicking here to use our online contact form.

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