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A busy commercial or industrial workshop is one of the most taxing working environments imaginable – and that goes for your workshop flooring too. Some companies may experiment with rubber matting or floor tiles, but, as far as we’re concerned, you can’t do any better than a heavy duty epoxy resin solution. We’ve worked with a variety of different clients in a wide range of sectors – including workshops – and in every case, a specialist, high quality epoxy resin floor offers the best in substrate protection available.

As a material, epoxy resin is known for its durability and excellent damage resistance and the same is true for epoxy resin floors. Working closely with our manufacturing partners we install a wide range of hard-wearing surfaces that will protect your floor from almost anything. Looking to protect your garage floor from engine oil spills and other potentially corrosive chemicals? Epoxy resin garage and workshop flooring can do that. Need to stop heavy vehicle or foot traffic from wearing your floor away? Not a problem. Need to protect delicate electronics from static build up? Anti static epoxy products can do just that. Epoxy flooring isn’t just durable against damage, however – it can also help prevent accidents. Textured anti-slip and slip-resistant epoxy products use quartz aggregates to improve grip on surfaces and ramps to help improve workplace safety.

No matter what your requirements, there’s a suitable epoxy based industrial flooring solution that can match them.

Epoxy resin surfaces will stay smooth almost no matter what you throw at them. If damage does occur, however, it’s quick and easy to repair any cracks or craters using special epoxy maintenance tools. Epoxy flooring is also easy to keep clean – with its seamless surface and anti dust attributes making cleaning a simple process.

It’s not all about function, however. Even in a workshop environment, it’s important to be able to take pride in your workspace. At Respol we offer epoxy flooring options in a variety of BS4800, RAL or Pantone colours and finishes. As part of our service, we are also able to offer logos and signage designed directly into the epoxy surface. This is great for including health and safety features – such as zebra crossings and stop signs – as well as corporate branding and other designs.

At Respol, we provide a complete flooring service. Our professional team of flooring experts have decades of experience in, not only installing epoxy floors suitable for a variety of applications, but also helping you make the right choices for you and your business. Whether you’re looking for workshop flooring, commercial and retail flooring or any other industrial flooring installation, we have the equipment, team and expertise to provide a top quality service at a low cost.

So before you reach for the rubber flooring or lay down some floor mats, why not give us a call? Contact Respol today on 01952 740400 for further information, a consultation or a quote – alternatively click here to use our online contact form.

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