Industrial Flooring – The Complete Guide from RESPOL

Choosing the right kind of industrial flooring is a vital step in creating an efficient and safe working environment. The wrong choice could result in a damaged concrete substrate, or worse, an injury as the result of a workplace accident. RESPOL are here to help however. As experienced epoxy flooring contractors we know a few things about choosing the right flooring options for any industry.

Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for industrial flooring situations. They are hard wearing, easy to clean and repair and offer a wide range of resistances and other valuable features – ones that a basic polished concrete floor simply can’t. With all the options available however, how do you know which epoxy flooring system is right for your business?

The first step is understanding what you need your new flooring to accomplish. Are you looking for warehouse flooring and so need a heavy duty solution that can protect your existing concrete floor from heavy foot and vehicle traffic? Or maybe you work in food processing and, not only do you need a floor that is chemical resistant, but a solution that will also create a hygienic environment that meets the requirements of your product. Maybe you’re after workshop flooring and need to create a space that is safe for people to move around in and that protects your sensitive equipment – making a seamless, anti slip and anti static flooring system the perfect one for you.

Once you know what you need to achieve with your new flooring solution, it’s time to look at the environment you have to work with. Different resin flooring products react differently to different climates and levels of damp. For example, if you try to install a polyurethane screed in a wet environment then the surface will be ruined – a damp proof epoxy system would be far more suitable.

Even if you have no specific environment requirements for your floor coatings, it is vital to ensure that all cracks and holes are patched up in preparation for your new epoxy resin floor. Such imperfections in the substrate will weaken the bond between the concrete and the epoxy – damaging the performance and durable nature of your new resin flooring.

Once you know what you need and what you’re working with, why not give RESPOL a call? We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to provide quality industrial flooring solutions in a variety of sectors. Working closely with our manufacturing partners we’ll be able to help you choose the right factory flooring, workshop flooring or any other kind of industrial flooring solution that you require. And, with a whole range of products in a wide palette of colours, finishes and other decorative design features, we can help you make it look great too.

Once installation is complete you’ll be left with a high quality, hard-wearing flooring surface that meets your exact requirements while improving the safety of your work area. Maintenance is easy with any damage or cracking being easily repairable with specialist epoxy systems – ensuring substrate protection for decades to come.

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