Respol Help Transform Windsor & Eton Brewery

This February, the Respol team were pleased to work with the award-winning Windsor and Eton Brewery to help transform their flooring surfaces – both functionally and aesthetically.

By combining a hardwearing and – most importantly – hygienic polyurethane flooring solution, sourced from our manufacturing partners, with a striking red and blue colour scheme we provided a working surface good enough for royalty!

You may even have seen our handy work on various news outlets from around the globe including the BBC Travel Show, ITV London, the Netherlands’ Talpa TV and America’s ABC News covered Windsor and Eton Brewery’s royal wedding-themed “Windsor Knot” beer – an ale created especially for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Since then the brewer has also been awarded a Royal Warrant as Brewer to Her Majesty the Queen.

So how did we achieve such a regal result? At Respol, any new job always starts with understanding the needs of our clients. As a brewery, we knew it was vital for our client to have a floor that would, not only stand up to heavy daily use, but also one that would not negatively impact the brewing process. Thanks to our close ties with our manufacturing partners, we were able to recommend and source a high-quality polyurethane-based resin flooring product that provided slip-resistance alongside resistance to abrasion and chemical spills.

This wasn’t the end of the journey, however, once the top level had been selected we undertook a detailed survey of the existing concrete substrate and undertook extensive cleaning and repair works to ensure that the surface was free from contaminants and ready to receive the needed epoxy primer layer. This solvent-free primer helps the top layer adhere to the concrete below, while also acting as a moisture barrier to simplify the installation process.

The whole installation process, including clearing the floor space and undertaking all the required cleaning and repairing works was completed in around a week. This allowed for the full curing of all repairs and resin layers, resulting in a hardwearing and long lasting flooring surface – one that will still be holding strong for many years to come.

Are you interested in what an epoxy or polyurethane flooring solution could do for your business? Then why not talk to the experts at Respol today? As well as brewers we have extensive experience working in manufacturing plants, high-end car showrooms, kennels, logistics warehouses and almost any other industrial or commercial environment you could think of. In every instance, we’ve provided a bespoke flooring solution that perfectly meets the unique needs of our clients. 

To learn more about what Respol can do for your business, get in touch with us today by calling 01952 740400 or by clicking here to use our online contact form.

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